Short version of the video at the bottom.

Too much care

too_much_care from AMT Paris on Vimeo.

too_much_care is a three part video/performance piece that explores the way modern society tells (and therefore expects) us to treat our bodies. Although many expectations apply to men and women alike, additional efforts are expected of women.These expectations have thus become daily rituals and not following these obligations is looked down upon. From the controversial debate of women’s hair removal to more habitual acts such as brushing one’s hair, the expectations of women to be properly groomed reflects the outdated, nevertheless still existing disparity between the sexes.

In too_much_care, Dasha Ilina repetitively performs three daily habits: hair brushing, hand washing, and drying oneself. The exhaustive repetition of these actions serves as a critique of societal norms of hygiene and body care.

Too much care

too_much_care (short) from Dasha Ilina on Vimeo.