Nothing to Hide

About this project:

We created this project to highlight the three aspects of surveillance that we found the most notable. In order to do that, we created three devices that show all of the obvious ways that we're being tracked. As you can tell, these devices have been particularly exaggerated to show how obvious it is that we are being tracked throughout the day. In our video, the first subject is having their converstations recorded, which was done by attaching a microphone to their smartphone. The second subject is under video surveillance, demonstrated by video and photo recordings made with a webcam that's attached to a smartphone. Finally, the last subject has their geolocation tracked, which is visualized by an abstract drawing created on top of a map with a marker that's being pulled by the subjects movements.

We chose these specific device augmentations as obvious representations of the information that is constantly being stored on us. Using a microphone allowed us to have full high quality audio recordings like the ones you can access through your google account search history, if you allow it to access your microphone. The usage of a webcamera provided us with photos similar to the ones you could have from a computers webcam, because the video surveillance is not limited to one device. Attaching a marker to a smartphone to represent geolocation surveillance gave us the least accurate information, mocking their surveillance methods.

Project by Amanda Lewis and Dasha Ilinas