Are You Watching?

"Are you watching?" is a video / performance piece by Dasha Ilina in collaboration with Tanya Astakhova. It discusses the issue of privacy when it comes to technology. All of the videos were taken realtime in public squares in Moscow. Neither Dasha nor Tanya knew about the existence of these web cameras prior to this project. This project is a sort of communication between the artist and her friend that lives in a different country, but it also talks about scopophobia - a fear of being watched. Although fear of surveillance is not yet recognized as a phobia, the artist predicts that, with the modern rise in technology, it is going to be recognized very soon.
Online webcams, Friend with posters, Premiere Pro.

Shown at SPAMM_POWER at Parsons Paris and online.

Are you watching?

Are you watching? from Dasha Ilina on Vimeo.